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Jimmy L.

- College Pitcher

"I've learned and grown a lot working with Dylan. He's helped me fully recover from prior injuries during my career and empowered me with knowledge and optimal training as an athlete. Whether I am seeking his help for rehab or training, I know I'm doing the very best things to reach my goals. I've become a better and healthier athlete since we started working together."

Harper H.

- HS Soccer Athlete

"I started working with Dylan after my first knee injury before my Freshmen year. Within weeks, I saw huge improvement and was back to being game ready. Unfortunately, during my first game back a contact injury lead to a sprained MCL. Dylan adjusted my training and helped me recover and come back stronger. Over a year later of working with Dylan, I have seen a constant growth in my athletic development. I am more confident, stronger, healthier, and overall a better athlete."

Jackson T.

- College Pitcher

"My time working with Dylan has been amazing. As a pitcher who's had labrum surgery and multiple shoulder issues, throwing always had to be done with some kind of aid to help with the pain. Dylan has helped me get stronger, healthier and throw pain free. If you're a baseball player dealing with pain, go see Dylan. Not only will he help you get pain free, but you will learn how to properly take care of your arm so it stays pain free."

See What Others Have to Say...

"Working with Athletic Potential Performance PT will not only help you recover from your injury as fast as possible, but will also put you in a position to optimize your athletic and physical development. Dylan Newcomer's intelligence, creativity, and ability to thoughtfully engage with his clients makes working with Athletic Potential a no-brainer."

"I originally came to Dylan after a shoulder injury that happened after the end of my baseball season. He helped me regain the strength I needed and guided me in my return-to-throw program. It's a unique experience having the person who does your rehab be the one you play catch with. He's able to see real time what's going on and help you make the necessary adjustments. We also have worked on my training plan to make sure I can prevent this from happening again as well as get me ready for football season. It's helped me feel stronger, more athletic, and has carried over to all the sports I play."

Aaron R.

- Profession Baseball

Kenny S.

- HS Multi-Sport Athlete

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