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Athletic Potential
Performance Physical Therapy

Get Back In The Game Faster!

At Athletic Potential: Performance Physical Therapy, we help athletes fix painful issues fast and get back in the game at, or above, their previous level of play by blending the disciplines of physical therapy and strength & conditioning into one comprehensive approach.

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A Better Brand of
Physical Therapy

Athletes of all ages and abilities are welcome to work with me. Regardless of your sport, level of play, or injury, you and I will create a completely comprehensive and individualized plan to get you back to doing what you love. 


My clinic operates as an out-of network, cash-based entity. This allows me to treat in a more effective, customizable, and all-encompassing manner than what a PT in your standard insurance-based clinic ever could.

How you might ask? Check out key differences in clinic setup below.

Standard PT Clinic

Cash-Based Sports Performance PT Clinic

PT is a generalist. No guaranteed sports background.

General facility, not built to optimally work with athletes.

Unable to simulate sport conditions and get you up to game speed.

Often limited 1-on-1 time. PT is often double- or triple-booked.

Insurance requirements limit PT's freedom and create barriers to providing optimal treatments.

PT specializes in sports. Has trained and treated only athletes for years.

Facility designed to maximize the performance and rehab of athletes.

Get 100% game ready with a PT that knows how to prepare athletes to compete

Get 45 minutes of 1-on-1 treatment every single session.

Cash-Based PTs have the freedom to treat how they want, ensuring you get exactly what you need.

More visits, patient dependency on the PT, general rehab plans, limited assistance after rehab.

Less sessions, more patient autonomy, specific rehab plans, continued support after rehab.

How Do I Get You Better?

The Facility

Being located inside the country's leading baseball performance and development center, Driveline Baseball, offers a unique advantage other clinics simply won't have. With access to cutting edge technology, your rehab plan will be driven by measurable outcomes. Whether you're a baseball athlete or not, you will benefit from the amenities this facility brings to the table. With a wholistic and comprehensive approach, your rehab plan will not only help you recover from your injury, but elevate your athletic capabilities overall.

About Me:

My name is Dylan Newcomer, and I serve as the Physical Therapist for the industry-leading baseball performance center, Driveline Baseball. Every day, I manage the health and well-being of athletes ranging from 8 years old to playing in the MLB. Before I became a Physical Therapist, I spent 6 years training athletes of all ages and every sport helping them stay healthy while elevating their performance to the next level. I know what it takes to perform at your best, but more importantly, I know how an injury can feel completely derailing to your goals and aspirations. Whether you're an athlete yourself, or the parent of one, don't leave your rehab up to chance. Choose a PT who has spent their entire career solely focused on athletes. I will work to understand your unique story and situation, and provide you with the best plan for not only recovering from your injury, but coming back stronger and performing at or above your previous level of play

Physical Therapist,
Strength and Conditioning Coach

Dylan Newcomer

Contact Me

23211 66th Ave S, Kent, WA 98032

Located inside Driveline Baseball


I'll Be In Touch Soon!

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