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Athletes of all ages and abilities are welcome to work with me. Regardless of your sport, level of play, or injury, you and I will create a completely comprehensive and individualized plan to get you back to doing what you love. With that being said, I've listed some of the most common conditions I treat.

Throwing-Related Injuries

Whether you are dealing with generalized pain you can't seem to solve or are coming off a major surgery such as SLAP Repair or Tommy John, this is the place for you! Come rehab at the same place that trains some of MLB's greatest talent. Check out the Return-to-Throw Program here.


Hip & Knee Injuries

Hip and Knee injuries can come in many forms and can require advanced rehab strategies to get you 100% game ready. Some common injuries treated include ACL-Reconstruction, Meniscus/Ligament injuries, Hip Impingement or Labrum Injuries, and more.


Other Orthopedic Aches & Pains

Low Back Pain, Ankles Sprains, Concussions, and More. If you've found yourself on the sidelines as a result of pain, surgery, or severe injury. You and I will work together to understand the issue, identify the root cause, and get you back to doing what you love.

Who I Work With

Football Player

Athletic Performance Training

For years I have worked with athletes looking to take their game to the next level. I've worked with individuals ranging from youth athletes looking to get started in training to collegiate and professional athletes looking for a comprehensive development program. You and I will work together to identify and improve performance limiters, strengthen your best qualities, and ensure that you're feeling better than ever going into your next competitive season. (Remote and In-Person Options Available).

Let's Work Together

I'm excited about the opportunity to help you get back in the game. Please be sure to reach out and schedule your free consultation ASAP!

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