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Dylan Newcomer

Founder & Physical Therapist

I'm Dylan Newcomer, the founder and sole provider of Athletic Potential PT. I established this clinic for the singular purpose of helping athletes and active individuals get back to doing the activities they love. One way in which I'm fortunate to carry this passion out involves serving as the Physical Therapist for the renowned baseball performance center, Driveline Baseball. Here, I shoulder the responsibility of safeguarding the health of a diverse range of athletes, from emerging young prospects to some of MLB's biggest stars. Beyond baseball, my expertise extends to athletes across various sports, catering to individuals from all backgrounds and skill levels.

My foray into sports was marked by a transformative six-year stint as a strength coach, training athletes spanning all age groups and disciplines. This journey endowed me with invaluable insights into the nuances of performance optimization and the intricacies of injury management across different stages of an athlete's career. My mission is rooted in a holistic understanding of athletic health and development. Whether you're an athlete or stand beside one, I hope you will trust in my expertise for your rehab needs. Together, we'll craft a plan that not only heals but propels you to greater heights.


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