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Athletic Potential
Performance Physical Therapy


The physical therapy program at Athletic Potential is a True Sports Medicine Practice. 

Rehab for athletes should occur in a gym, surrounded by other athletes, and implemented with a truly comprehensive and individualized treatment approach.

Whether you are coming off surgery or dealing with a nagging injury, your treatment program will include a rehabilitation plan for your current issue and a complimentary athletic development training plan (upon request) that helps you return to your prior level of play and beyond. Injuries can have systemic changes on how you move and perform as an athlete, and your treatment plan will take a holistic approach to ensure your body is functioning at its highest level when you are done.

There are no band-aid solutions here. Instead, you and I will work closely together to determine the root cause of your issue, and your Performance Physical Therapy plan will be designed to rehabilitate you from your current pain point as well as prevent future reoccurrences.

Clinic Amenities

Being located inside the country's leading baseball performance and development center, Driveline Baseball, offers a unique advantage other clinics simply won't have. With access to cutting edge technology, your rehab plan will be driven by measurable outcomes. Whether you're a baseball athlete or not, you will benefit from the amenities this facility brings to the table. With a wholistic and comprehensive approach, your rehab plan will not only help you recover from your injury, but elevate your athletic capabilities overall.

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About Me:

My name is Dylan Newcomer, and I serve as the Physical Therapist for the industry-leading baseball performance center, Driveline Baseball. Every day, I manage the health and well-being of athletes ranging from 8 years old to some of Major League Baseball's biggest stars. Before I became a Physical Therapist, I spent six years training athletes of all ages and in every sport helping them stay healthy while elevating their performance to the next level. I know what it takes to perform at your best, but more importantly, I know how an injury can feel completely derailing to your goals and aspirations. Whether you're an athlete yourself, or the parent of one, don't leave your rehab up to chance. You and I will work to understand your unique story and situation, and provide you with the best plan for not only recovering from your injury, but coming back stronger and performing at or above your previous level of play

Physical Therapist,
Strength and Conditioning Coach

Dylan Newcomer

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