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Athletic Potential
Performance Physical Therapy

About Me:

I'm Dylan Newcomer, the founder and sole operator of Athletic Potential PT. I established this clinic for the singular purpose of helping athletes and active individuals get back to doing the activities they love. One way in which I'm fortunate to carry this passion out involves serving as the Physical Therapist for the renowned baseball performance center, Driveline Baseball. Here, I shoulder the responsibility of safeguarding the health of a diverse range of athletes, from emerging young prospects to some of MLB's biggest stars. Beyond baseball, my expertise extends to athletes across various sports, catering to individuals from all backgrounds and skill levels.

My foray into sports was marked by a transformative six-year stint as a strength coach, training athletes spanning all age groups and disciplines. This journey endowed me with invaluable insights into the nuances of performance optimization and the intricacies of injury management across different stages of an athlete's career. My mission is rooted in a holistic understanding of athletic health and development. Whether you're an athlete or stand beside one, I hope you will trust in my expertise for your rehab needs. Together, we'll craft a plan that not only heals but propels you to greater heights.

Physical Therapist,
Strength and Conditioning Coach

Dylan Newcomer


At Athletic Potential, my goal is to redefine sports rehab. My physical therapy practice isn't just about treating injuries—it's about elevating athletes to their peak potential.

Athletes deserve an environment tailored to their needs. That's why I conduct rehab in a gym setting, surrounded by fellow athletes, ensuring each session is comprehensive and personalized to you.

Whether you're on the mend post-surgery or tackling a persistent injury, I provide a dual approach: a dedicated rehabilitation plan coupled with an athletic development training plan. My aim? To get to the heart of your issue, creating a plan that not only addresses your immediate pain but also fortifies you against future challenges.


Casey Sadler 

- Seattle Mariners

Dylan's expertise and personalized approach were pivotal during a critical moment in my career, facing the daunting possibility of not returning to baseball. His tailored rehab strategies and unwavering support not only addressed my specific deficits but also bolstered my confidence, guiding me through a challenging recovery process. His commitment and innovative techniques stood out when traditional methods fell short, allowing me to successfully return to the field. Dylan's role was instrumental in overcoming what appeared to be insurmountable obstacles, rekindling my passion for the sport and restoring my professional trajectory.

I've had the privilege of working with Dylan during a pivotal time in my career - rehabbing from Tommy John surgery as a 26-year old professional pitcher. The rehab process was rigorously data-driven and helped ensure I was on-track and maximizing my time in rehab.

But what truly sets Dylan apart is his holistic approach. Each phase of my rehab was fine tuned by how my body responded to the demands we were placing on it. This approach has made me stronger in every measurable way compared to all of me pre-surgery baselines.

Dylan's vast knowledge of PT, strength training, and throwing is a combination that's impossible to match. As somebody with potentially millions of dollars on the line and the ability to work with any PT in the world, I chose Dylan. If you are truly looking to maximize your chances of success in the rehab process, you should choose him too.


Josh Hejka

- AAA NY Mets Pitcher

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