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Physical Therapy

Evaluations and Check-ins delivered via video call from the comfort of your own home.

Physical Therapy
1-on-1 In-Person

Comprehensive Evaluations and Treatment sessions that help you recover from your injuries and maximize your potential.

Performance Training
Remote Service

Customized Performance Training  delivered to your mobile device using cutting edge methods of athletic performance training.

  • Where are you located and who do you work with?
    My practice is located inside the country's leading baseball development center, Driveline Baseball. You'll be rehabbing in the same facility that produces some of the best athletes in Major League Baseball. While this facility is specifically designed to optimize baseball player development, athletes of all ages and sports are welcome and will find benefit in the ameneties provided by being in this training center.
  • What approach to treatment do you take? Do you offer services like cupping, dry needling, etc.?
    My approach to getting you back in the game is a movement-based approach. Time and time again, the only thing that consistently shows positive results in the research is a properly progressed therapeutic exercise program. In my clinic, I currently do not offer services such as cupping, scraping, or dry needling. The current evidence on these methods is very limited and most current research indicates they're not more effective than many of the other inteventions we use in therapy. As research continues to come out, these services may be offered at a later date. While at times, I may utilize forms of manual resistance or manual assistance for range of motion purposes, I do not utilize manual therapy (massages) or any of the other aforementioned methods at this time. Fact is, if you want to get back to doing what you love, the approach is simple. You have to put in the work, and I'll help you figure out what that work should consist of based on your evaluation.
  • What should I bring to my first appointment?
    ​Thank you for trusting me to guide you along the road to recovery. Please take the time to fill out the patient forms provided to you on your patient portal prior to your first appointment. They can also be downloaded on the Policies page. If you have been provided any orthotic bracing or ambulation assistance (crutches, etc.), please be sure to bring it with you. You will want to wear comfortable clothing you can move in, like gym clothes. If provided to you by your surgical team, a rehab protocol for your specific surgery is always helpful for understanding any variances in your surgeons approach.
  • Do you take insurance?
    Athletic Potential: Performance Physical Therapy, LLC is an out-of-network provider and operates as a cash based physical therapy practice. This means insurance is not accepted and all services are payed for up-front by the patient. The initial consultation, which may or may not include some testing, is a free service. All follow up services have a specified cash rate on our patient portal. Payment plans may be created if necessary. This applies to both 1-on-1 PT sessions and Telehealth rehab. You will be provided with an itemized receipt, called a super bill, to submit to your insurance for reimbursement based on your out-of-network benefits. One can easily determine their out-of-network physical therapy benefits, by calling the number on the back of your insurance card. Oftentimes, your insurance company will reimburse you for some if not all of your PT services especially if you have a PPO plan or health savings account (HSA).
  • Do you take Medicare?
    Short answer - No, and in-fact, legally I am unable to see patients who are enrolled with Medicare for any medically necessary services including Physical Therapy. I am, however, allowed to offer fitness and wellness services, that are not considered medically necessary by Medicare. If that is of interest to you, please contact me regarding Remote Training Services.
  • Why out-of-network?
    The traditional insurance model prevents me from treating you in the best possible manner. You deserve the best and most efficient treatment approach that is delivered in a personalized approach. Ultimately, it will lead to less visits, better outcomes, and reduced spending on co-pays and unnecessary visits. Whereas most PT clinics see clients 2-4x/wk, I usually see you 1-2x/wk and make it a point to ensure that you are staying on track outside of PT through giving you the necessary resources to learn how to manage your situation with confidence and autonomy.
  • How is out-of-network cash based PT a better choice than in-network insurance based PT?
    You have health insurance you pay for every why should you choose an out-of-network provider? Put simply, Freedom. But, let's compare the two. Insurance Based PT Visits: 2-4+/week Attentiveness: You get limited 1:1 time with your PT; Your PT may hand you off to support staff or be managing multiple patients during your time slot. Often times, you will be handed a list of exercises you could simply do at home with little to no instruction or guidance in how to maximize what you are doing. Treatment Approach: Insurance dictates how much help you can receive as well as what your PTs can do. Ever wonder why your PT rubs your shoulder, puts you on the bike, or performs ultrasound for 8-15 minutes? It's because if they do any less than that they won't get paid. Insurance requirements often leads to excessive or unnecessary treatment that often has no real benefit in helping you heal. Some clinics also require their PTs to perform certain tasks because they pay the best regardless if it's actually best for you. Session Limits: Even more disconcerting, if you use up all of your treatment visits in the year and haven't achieved your ultimate goal then insurance no longer covers you, while still paying into it monthly. Support: In most PT offices, you have to call the front desk, leave a message for your overbooked PT, and wait for a response. They likely won't have much time to work through any issues with you and won't offer much help unless you come in for more visits. Post-PT Assistance: Insurance doesn't let you have wellness visits with your PT. In this setting, once you have been discharged from PT, you are on your own. Cash Based PT Visits: 1-2x/week or less Attentiveness: Each session consists of 45 minutes of 1:1 time with me, solely focused on your needs and goals. You'll be instructed on how to get the most out of anything you are doing and be prepared on how to do your home exercises in the best possible way. I want you to gain autonomy over time and take control of your rehab, and I will help guide you there. Treatment Approach: My practice has no limits. I can evaluate and treat you in the most effective way possible. No gimmicky treatments based on pseudo-science. You and I work together in the most effective and meaningful way to deliver the outcomes you are looking for. No wasted time, and no wasted effort. Session Limits: There is no limit on how often or how little you get to see me. The goal is to get you back to normal as quick as possible. But in instances such as post-surgery, you never have to worry about running out of visits. We can take breaks when needed, and resume treatment when it makes sense. You and I will collaborate on the best use of your time and money so you get the value you deserve. Support: Call, email, or text me directly and get instant support at most times in the day. Consider me your teammate and coach that will give you the support you need, when you need it. Post-PT Assistance: My practice can see you whenever and for whatever you need. You can continue to check in monthly to ensure you are doing well, or can sign up for remote training plans that are written specifically with your situation and goals in mind.
  • Without an insurance-dictated session limit, how long will I be in PT?
    The uniqueness of this practice model allows us to work together for as long or as little as needed for you to recover and get back to competing. If you wish to continue working with me so you can continue your progress after PT is "done", I encourage you to look into my Remote Performance Training services to ensure you have a plan for further development. What better way to have the perfect program for your situation than to have it be written by the PT the helped you solve it.

A Unique Brand of Physical Therapy

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